Applied Policy Analysis

I have had an active international consulting practice over the that includes nearly 50 assignments – most of which as team leader – in three main areas:
1) program planning and evaluation for international development agencies;
2) applied policy analysis; and
3) advisory services in global higher education. 

The following are among the assignments I’ve completed. 

Biden-Harris Transition Advisory Board (12/2020): invited to submit policy memo, co-authored with M. Johnston, entitled “International Anti-Corruption Agenda & Proposed Early Actions”

PATH Myanmar, Yangon (2017-2018), Chief Investigator and Senior Policy Adviser, Rice Fortification Policy Analysis

Fulbright University Vietnam, Hochiminh City (2016-2018), International Consultant and Team Leader, led team of consultants and provided ongoing technical assistance in the start-up phase, with a focus on foundational graduate unit of the university, the Fulbright School of Public Policy & Management.

United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (DESA), New York (2014-2015) – Consultant, policy integration for Sustainable Development Goals

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Vietnam campus, Hochiminh City (2014) – Consultant, development of medium-term research strategy

United Nations Development Program, Myanmar Country Office, Nyapyitaw (2013) – Consultant, governance reform and decentralization

Asian Development Bank, Manila (2013) – Consultant, decentralization support

World Bank, East Asia Division, Washington D.C. (2012-2013) – Consultant, Universal Health Insurance policy analysis

Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan (2011-2012) – Academic lead: Curriculum Development; helped design and launch the Graduate School of Public Policy

World Bank, Human Development Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region, Moscow (2011-2015) – Consultant, strategy formulation for the Russian Academy of National Economics and Public Administration medium-term plan for internationalization

United Nations Children’s Fund,East Asia and the Pacific Regional Officeand Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines country offices, consultancies totaling two years from 1994–2010) – Consultant, strategy and support for decentralized programming

United Nations Population Fund, Indonesia Country Office, Jakarta (2007-2008) – Team leader, comprehensive management review of entire Indonesia Country Program, 2006-2010

United Nations Environment Program, Geneva (2006-2007) – Consultant, produced manual on “Integrated Policymaking for Sustainable Development”

World Bank, Vietnam Country Office, Hanoi (2006) – Team leader, multi-province study of patterns of health workforce management systems

World Bank, Indonesia Country Office, Jakarta (2005) – Team leader, strengthening management information systems for addressing corruption risks in Bank’s portfolio

World Bank, Vietnam Country Office, Hanoi (2005) – Team leader, diagnosing corruption vulnerabilities in national anti-poverty programs

United Nations Children’s Fund, India office, New Delhi (2005) – Master Trainer, Knowledge Community for Children Initiative

Department for International Development (DFID), U.K.Hanoi and Singapore (2004-2005) – Team leader, “Inequality: Policy Levers and Options” study

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and DANIDA, Hanoi (2004-2005) – Master Trainer, development of public management reform modules and training of trainers

World Bank,  Indonesia Country Office and Washington, D.C. headquarters (2004) – Team leader, Urban Poverty Project evaluation of community-driven development and poverty impacts

World Bank and Ministry of Education, Vietnam (2004) – Deputy team leader, administrative decentralization study for National Primary Education Development Project

World Bank, Indonesia Country Office, Jakarta and field (2003) – Team leader, data quality analysis for Indonesia Governance and Decentralization Survey

World Bank and Ministry of Health, Vietnam, Hanoi (2003) – Team leader, final impact evaluation of $130 million National Health Support Project

United Nations System Staff College, Turin, Italy (2002) – Principal Investigator, impact evaluation of UN-wide planning reform in five countries

Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), Hanoi (2002) – Consultant, technical support for governmental decentralization through $20 million assistance program.

United Nations Capital Development Fund, Hanoi and Danang, Vietnam (2001) – Consultant, final impact evaluation of the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund

Canadian International Development Agency, United Nations Development Program and United Nations Capital Development Fund, Hanoi  (2000) – Team leader, impact evaluation of the Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction Program

United Nations Development Program and Ministry of Planning and Investment, Project VIE/99/001 “Preparation of a Socio-Economic Development Strategy to the Year 2010”, Hanoi (1999-2000) – Sub-team leader for social (health and education) development strategy plan for submission to the 9th Party Congress

Viet Nam Ministerial Committee for the Protection and Care of Children, Hanoi (1998) – Team leader, conducted systematic analysis of administrative data and provided in-house training.

Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Song Da Social Forestry Project (1998) – Consultant, evaluated coverage and effectiveness of government Microfinance programs in mountainous districts

CARE International in Viet Nam, Hanoi and Thanh Hoa (1998) – Team leader, mid-term evaluation of Natural Resource Conservation and Development Program

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Project GCP/VIE/019/BEL “Participatory Watershed Management in Hoanh Bo District”, Ha Long City and Hanoi  (1997-1998) – Consultant, designed and trained staff in monitoring and evaluation framework, and institutional impact analysis, for project

Oxfam UK/Ireland, Viet Nam Country Office, Hanoi (1997) – Consultant and trainer, produced and trained staff in cost-benefit analysis for sea dyke reconstruction project

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Project GCP/VIE/020/ITA “Country Capacity Strengthening for Decentralization of National Forestry Action Plan”, Binh Phuoc (1997) – Consultant, evaluation and redesign of project information systems

Save the Children Fund, UK, Viet Nam Country Office, Hanoi and Quang Ninh (1997) – Team leader, mid-term evaluation project evaluation of microcredit scheme

The World Bank, Policy Research Division, Washington, D.C. (1997-1998) – Consultant, baseline analysis of regional political economy and inter-provincial finance

United Nations Development Program, Viet Nam Country Office, Hanoi  (1997) – Consultant, development of first sub-national Human Development Index for Vietnam’s regions

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Project GCP/VIE/019/BEL “Participatory Watershed Management in Hoanh Bo District, Quang Ninh Province”, Quang Ninh (1997) – Consultant, impact evaluation of Microfinance interventions

United Nations Development Program, Viet Nam Country Office, Hanoi  (1996) – Consultant, analysis of governmental social safety net in rural areas

The World Bank, East Asia and the Pacific Region, Hanoi, field and Washington, D.C. (1995-1996) –Consultant, fieldwork and analysis for major Bank report on health sector financing

World Vision International in Viet Nam, Hanoi and field  (1995) – Team Leader, participatory impact evaluation of microfinance project

CARE International in Viet Nam, Microfinance Section, Hanoi  (1994) – Team leader, participatory impact evaluation of Microfinance project

OXFAM UK/Ireland, Viet Nam Country Office, Hanoi  (6/94 – 8/94) – Trainer, developed and conducted seminar series in political economy for staff of international NGOs

United Nations Development Program, Bureau for Program Policy and Evaluation, New York (1994) – Intern, evaluated UNDP design documents for urban management capacity building programs in five countries

Public Interest Research Group, East Lansing, Michigan  (1990) – Field Manager, supervised teams in public outreach for ‘polluter pays’ campaign